Bankruptcy Law

Our Bankruptcy Law Department assists legal and natural persons in order to optimise and speed up orderly departure from their specific financial situation, with the collaboration of several professionals from different areas, whether tax or labour.

The legal dimension of bankruptcy and its special singularity demand professionals with extensive experience, in order to guarantee a satisfactory outcome.

Specifically we offer advice in the following matters:

  • Advice in pre-bankruptcy phase
  • Request for voluntary bankruptcy
  • Preparation of agreement with creditors
  • Renegotiation of extrajudicial debts
  • Advice in the winding-up phase
  • Structuring investments in assets and liabilities during bankruptcy
  • Bankruptcy incidents
  • Responsibility of directors
  • Legal management and advice in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representation of creditors
  • Claims before other parties responsible
  • Defence of credit
  • Group restructuring
  • Negotiation with banks and financial entities
  • Structuring of warranty packets.
  • Acquisition of assets and debt in companies in crisis.
  • Refinancing and restructuring of debt.